What should a resume look like?

What should a resume look like? To shine in the job market, resumes play a critical role. Resumes are the source of making a solid first impression on employers. But creating a resume is no piec...

By FroxJob | 15-February-2021 | Category: Resume Writing

4 ways that makes job search effective for fresher!

Finding a job for fresher is not so easy. Many Job portals in Nepal are listing the vacancies on behalf of their clients. Similarly, campus recruitment is another popular way to get hired...

By Deepika | 21-June-2019 | Category: Career Insights- Employee Blog

Sales and Marketing Training for Freshers

Objectives The sole objective of this training is developing salesmanship within your sales representatives enabling them to facilitate sales which will help them to mould themselves as per t...

By FroxJob | 3-August-2018 | Category: Trainings