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A Reputed Liquor Company
Ratna International
Everest Parenterals
The Reputed Paint Company
The Reputed Paints Industry
Lubdhak Research Foundation
A Leading Cement Industries
Singapore Beverages Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
A Reputed Pharmaceutical Company
The Top Advertising Agency
The Reputed Auditing Consultant
A Leading Automobile Company
A Reputed Hardware Company
The Leading Multinational Consultancy
A Leading Lubricant Comapny
Nova Education and Consulting Services
A Reputed Construction Company
Yeti Brewery
A Leading Hospitality Group
A leading Automotive Company
The Leading IT Company
Nepal Construction & Engineering Corporation Private Limited (N.C.E.C)
Panchakanya Group
UDN(Vishal Group)
A Reputed Automobile Company
A Reputed Beverage Company
Vijay Motors Pvt. Ltd.
Manakamana Group
Periwinkle Service

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Ms. Kalpana Tandon

Recruitment Operation In-Charge
Phone: 9801898004

Ms. Jyoti Karki

Business Development Executive
Phone: 9801085897


Thank You FroxJob!

FroxJob is really helping out job needy people. The service and quality FroxJob is providing in terms of company (where we get hired), position, benefits, and career opportunity is really amazing. 


Thank You FroxJob!

Pradip Raj Pandey- Sales Executive
Naresh Chand

While the opportunity at Him Electronic is very exciting, I must make a different choice at this time. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and hope that we will associate in the future.

Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity.

Naresh Chand

Data Analyst- Him Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Thank You FroxJob!

The overall working experience with FroxJob so far has been satisfactory. Frequent follow-up and the quality of candidate offered by FroxJob is something that is appreciable and worth choosing it as an best recruitment agency.

Thank You FroxJob!

Riya Garg, Manager- HR
Rajesh Khanal

Thank you so much for offering me the job as an operation manager. It was a pleasure meeting recruiter of FroxJob and staff of the company I am working with. Job is being really exciting, challenging and adventurous at the same time. Thank you Froxjob for better opportunity and service.

Rajesh Khanal


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We find and process the prospective candidates to stimulate and fill-up the companies’ need.

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Payroll Management

Payroll Management

We provide with the compliance base payroll management with highly innovative payroll system emphasizing accurate result driven.

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Trainings & System Development

Corporate Training

We provide with customize training package and workshop, identifying by (TNA), based on organization requirement and nature.

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Organisation Development

Management Consulting

We help organization to grow through our expertize on business managment and organizational development.

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