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About Us

About us

FroxJob offers all the Business and HR Management Solutions under one roof while taking care of customers’ utmost satisfaction. We are involved in collecting / bringing qualified and experienced management practitioners under an umbrella.

Encouraged by our past and present, the team is determined to expand its wings into service sectors with high dedication for our customers with guaranteed solutions towards improving productivity of an individual and organization. We stand out in the crowd by offering one stop shop for all types of Business Management Services.


Recruitment Services

Spending Several Hours a day poring over resumes or interviewing un`qualified candidates may take department away from its CORE business activities. FroxJob recruitment services enables you to find the right candidate for right position as per the need of your business within the right time frame.

FroxJob offers you to get prescreened and qualified candidates without placing undue stress on your HR Department.

We are most specialized in to Executive Search/ Head hunting Service i.e. fulfilling the top positions like CEO, CFO, Factory Head, Sales Head and any other leadership positions.

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People and Payroll Management Services

FroxJob People and Payroll Management Service is a business process that involves contracting with firms to handle payroll functions of selected departments including attendance maintenance, leave management, payroll calculation, TDS deduction, Retirement Fund (SSF) deduction and deposit to government and make payment to the employee and other required HR related practices.

FroxJob assures the business move with effective operational contribution every minute emphasizing on their own targeted job considerably rather than the administrative hassle related to HR.

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About Us

Training and Development

Training is a tool to strengthen the process in organizations, helps to increase productivity, enhance the capabilities and motivates the employees.

Frontline delivers the result oriented training and development programs through its national and international experts.

We are delivering tailored and customized training and development programs to the Nepalese corporates and helping them to maximize their employee's talents and skills or do a complete revamp of their business ideology. We have trained consultants for training, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, and even to warm up fresher’s career.

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Management Consulting Services

Frontline Consult Pvt. Ltd is a sister organization of FroxJob, established to serve its clients through end to end Business and HR Consulting along with required policies and processes development and implementation. It is fully equipped with professionals with good experience in human resources and business management consulting. Presently Head Office located in Anamnagar, Kathmandu and having clients of diverse fields in PAN Nepal. It has successfully delivered its services with leading multinationals, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Trading, Telecom & Engineering domains etc.

Frontline Consult provides business owners with expert support and guidance in all areas of Business and HR Consulting along with human resource solutions, like Talent Acquisition, Payroll Management with applicable compliances under various labor laws, development of HR policies and its implementation, Business Support, Training Design and Delivery, HR Audit, and other customized services.

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For Corporate Queries

Ms. Sapana Baduwal

Business Development Executive
Phone: 9801898004

Yogmaya Dhakal

Director, Training and Consulting
Phone: 9801898005

Our banking details for payment service/bank deposit:



A/C No: 5441414134524001

Citizen Bank

Citizen Bank

A/C No: 052010000034201

Sanima Bank

Sanima Bank

A/C No: 0010000010029

Global IME Bank

Global IME Bank

A/C No: 3901010000436

Siddhartha Bank

Siddhartha Bank

A/C No: 00115143011


Thank You FroxJob!

FroxJob is really helping out job needy people. The service and quality FroxJob is providing in terms of company (where we get hired), position, benefits, and career opportunity is really amazing. 


Thank You FroxJob!

Pradip Raj Pandey- Sales Executive
Naresh Chand

While the opportunity at Him Electronic is very exciting, I must make a different choice at this time. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and hope that we will associate in the future.

Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity.

Naresh Chand

Data Analyst- Him Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Thank You FroxJob!

The overall working experience with FroxJob so far has been satisfactory. Frequent follow-up and the quality of candidate offered by FroxJob is something that is appreciable and worth choosing it as an best recruitment agency.

Thank You FroxJob!

Riya Garg, Manager- HR
Rajesh Khanal

Thank you so much for offering me the job as an operation manager. It was a pleasure meeting recruiter of FroxJob and staff of the company I am working with. Job is being really exciting, challenging and adventurous at the same time. Thank you Froxjob for better opportunity and service.

Rajesh Khanal