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People and Payroll Management

FroxJob People and Payroll Management Service is a business process that involves handling end to end HR Operation and payroll management including attendance, leave management, payroll calculation, TDS deduction, Retirement Fund Management and other required HR Services.

Know Us

FroxJob People and Payroll Management Service is a business process that involves contracting with firms to handle payroll functions of selected departments including attendance maintenance, leave management, payroll calculation, TDS deduction, Retirement Fund (SSF) deduction and deposit to the government agency and make payment to the employee and other required HR-related practices.

FroxJob assures the business to move with an effective operational contribution every minute emphasizing their own targeted job considerably rather than the administrative hassle related to HR. Frontline, the Sister Company of FroxJob is a Government Licensed HR Company providing HR Services to Nepalese organizations all over Nepal. We provide the following two types of  Outsourcing services based on the client's requirements.

1. Staffing Service/ Staff Outsourcing

2. Payroll Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing puts the task of payroll in expert hands, allowing organizations to focus on their business while taking advantage of the technology and expert of the professional payroll provider. The direct costs of processing payroll can be greatly reduced by working with a payroll provider/ payroll providing company. Big businesses can afford to maintain robust payroll departments. Whilst the small/ medium sized can save a lot of time and efforts from the daily payroll operations. 
Hence, with our service companies can enjoy the full expertise of our payroll managers who have well knowledge & experience in current payroll requirements from Labor Act & Tax laws. We have had national and international clients who have bestowed trust upon us for their complete payroll management.

Process Flow

A contractual agreement between FroxJob and the client.

Recruit the candidates.

Contractual agreement with employees.

Induction and onboarding of the employees.

HRIS Maintenance

Attendance and leave management.

Payroll calculation.

Tax invoicing after the payroll approval.

Receive the fund.

Salary Transfer.

Pay Slip generation and share to employees.

E-TDS and SSF payment.

Reporting to the client.


Why Payroll Management Service ?

FroxJob works as an extended wing of the HR department rather than only a money transfer outsourcing company.  

  • Strategic HR partner rather than Outsourcing company.
  • Care for Employee Satisfaction and Client’s Business Equally 
  • Dedicated customer care department for efficient service to employees
  • Prompt action to the complaints and related issues
  • Strict Privacy Policy
  • Prioritize compliances and law above all
  • Effective and experienced team members 
  • Working with MNCs and More International Companies with full of efficiencies
  • Trusted by Domestic and International clients since the beginning.
  • Strict on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). 


                                                       We never say “TOMORROW”!!!

Technical Benefits of Payroll Services

  1. Proper HRIS maintenance in web-based HR Software.
  2. The control mechanism of data and services to clients through online software.
  3. Effective payroll tax management and compliance coverage.
  4. Fewer workforces needed in the principal companies to perform employee administrative tasks, thus maintaining low headcounts.
  5. We allow the employer to focus on core business activities.
  6. Get access to skilled expertise.
  7. Reduce the risk of fluctuating employee turnover and the need for recruitment and retaining, thus ensuring a stable operational environment.
  8. No huddles for PF, Gratuity, Insurance (SSF), and Retirement operation.
  9. Timely salary and reimbursement payment along with the SMS system.
  10. Banking Transaction.

Our Strength

  • Valid license from Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security to operate and execute all over Nepal.
  • Currently working with More than 40 MNCs and Leading Corporates of Nepal.
  • Currently Handling the payroll of more than 1200 employees.
  • Proving the Payroll Management Services to more than 40 companies.
  • All HR operation will be handling through web-based Innovative HRMS.

Our Strategic Partners

  • Simply HR LLC, New Delhi, India
  • Ma Foi Strategic Consultant, Chennai, India.


Our Network

Head Office: 3rd Floor, Gravity Center, Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Ph: 9801898004

Regional Offices:

  • Chitwan: Bharatpur Chitwan,Nepal. Ph. 9801048463
  • Nepalgunj: Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj, Nepal. Ph. 9801898007
  • Itahari: Itahari, Sunsari, Nepal. Ph. 9801048494

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For Corporate Queries

Phone: +977 9801898004, +977 9801085897
Email: services@froxjob.com