About Us

FroxJob is a group of professionals having interest & expertise in various management sectors since 2009. We are engaged in a wide array of management practices like;

  • Complete HR and OD Functions
  • HR Recruitment and Executive Search Service
  • HR and Payroll Outsourcing Service
  • Training and Development
  • Organization Development Services
  • Other Need based HR and Business Services

We offer all Comprehensive Management Solutions under one roof while prioritizing customers’  satisfaction. We are an organization involved in collecting/bringing qualified & experienced management practitioners under our network. Furthermore, heading towards setting up a new heights of the services sector particularly, management services.

Encouraged by our past & present, our team is determined to expand its wings and embark into the services sector with dedication for our customers guaranteeing solutions towards improving individual employees and organization/s & team’s productivity. In the current context, the market is overwhelmed with various types of management consultancies, we strive to stand out from the crowd by offering a “one stop shop” for all types of management services.

The Froxjob team are fully equipped with highly professional & quality team that expertise in Human Resources Management, Administration, Technical Support, General Management, Financial Management & Marketing Management skills. Our team is not only known for our professional expertise & fully customized services but also widely appreciated for our dedication.

We have high integrity & loyalty that makes us different from others and are we acknowledged for being highly productive for customers need. We are not just promising customized expert services, but also are instilling confidence & trust of our valued customers. We are here to assist our customers overcome their issues around organizational productivity.


“We Strive to Your Need and Satisfaction”


Our sole mission is to create added value and competitive advantage for our clients by delivering exceptionally tailored and customized services through our loyalty, reliability and efficiency.


Our vision is to stand out in the crowd by offering “one stop shop” for all types of management services being the most trusted partner for our clients anchored on values of growth, integrity, diversity, transparency and commitment.