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Recruitment/ Executive Search in Nepal

As a Leading HR Consulting Company, we provide Recruitment and Head-Hunting services in Nepal.


Know Us

FroxJob helps any organization to find the best talent as per their requirement from CEO to Assistant Level. As a Leading HR Consulting Company, we provide the Head-Hunting Service to 100s of Nepalese Organizations.

Recruitment being an ongoing process which takes time and effort where employees’ time is already stretched thin, recruiting in-house has its own struggle.

That is the reason FroxJob has taken the lead on becoming:
•    One-stop-solution for all the Recruitment works with over 5000+ hires till date. 
•    Candidates from our applicant pool who are exactly the right fit for the Companies.
•    Filter candidates as per the requirements of our clients while they take care of the core business functions .
•    FroxJob be the one guaranteeing a long-term hire.
•    Reduce recruitment cost and efforts.
•    Securing the best talents with dedicated, centralized recruitment function.
•    Expertise with over years of experience in the very HR world. 
•    FroxJob ensure the immediate flexibility and scalability of the best recruitment talent to meet the shifting demands.

Why FroxJob?

  1. FroxJob does Preliminary interview, screening, and counseling as per the given requirement.
  2. FroxJob will coordinate for the interviews and other activities during the recruitment process.
  3. FroxJob will support in checking the background regarding work ethics, past compensation, and other pre-onboarding-related issues.
  4. FroxJob will warranty at least 3 Months' stay of the candidate in the company. That means if s/he leaves the company within three months voluntarily or involuntarily then FroxJob will provide a replacement for the same without any further Cost.

Process Flow

  • Agreement between client and FroxJob.   
  • Understand the need of clients through job descriptions and job specifications.
  • Map the prospect.
  • Collect, screen, Interview and shortlist the profiles.
  • Recommend profiles for the final interview.
  • Feedback and follow-up.
  • Invoicing.
  • Post-recruitment service.


  • Working with 100s of Nepalese Corporate Companies.
  • Helping 1000s of Jobseekers to build their Career.
  • Human touch in HR services through a wide network.
  • Making the better lives of More than 1000s of people.

Connect us

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Our sole mission is to create added value and competitive advantage for our clients by delivering exceptionally tailored and customized services through our loyalty, reliability and efficiency.

Head Office
Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal
3rd floor, Gravity Center
+977 01 5705219 / 5707271
Chitwan Branch
Bharatpur 10 - Chitwan , Nepal
(Opposite to Bharatpur Airport)
+ 977 56 530645 / 9801048463
Itahari Branch
Paschim line -03 Itahari, Sunsari (Branch)
+ 977 9801048494

For Corporate Queries

Very Important Message from Froxjob to Jobseekers!

We would like to notify that Froxjob does not, in anyway request/collect any fee/s from job seekers during or after the hiring process. It was, it will and it shall always be free for the candidates.

Please kindly be aware of such scammers! When searching for a job, please use safe and reliable sources.