What is quiet quitting and why is it happening?

What is quiet quitting and why is it happening? Quiet quitting is a case where an employee separates from their work and organization,  but instead of resigning, they stay in their job...

By Rima Poudel | 26-February-2023 | Category: Employer Blog

Employee Retention by Mr. Arun Dhungana

Employee Retention The problem of employee turnover exists everywhere in the world. According to LinkedIn, Companies lose 18% of their workforce to turnover each year, on average 12% of this is ...

By FroxJob | 5-September-2022 | Category: Employer Blog

Minimum Monthly wages of Nepal reached to NPR 15000

Minimum monthly wages of Nepal reached NPR 15000 The Government of Nepal has set the minimum monthly wage for a worker at Rs. 15000. On behalf of the Nepal Government, the Ministry of Labour, Em...

By Rima Poudel | 3-May-2021 | Category: Employer Blog