Employee Retention by Mr. Arun Dhungana

Employee Retention The problem of employee turnover exists everywhere in the world. According to LinkedIn, Companies lose 18% of their workforce to turnover each year, on average 12% of this is ...

By FroxJob | 5-September-2022 | Category: Employer Blog

Announcement of Shortlisting Candidates for Written Exam of ASDP_Agriculture Technician

सूचना फ्रन्टलाईन कन्सल्ट प्रा.लि.बाट कृषि क्षेत्र विकास कार्यक्रमको आवश्यकतानुसार मिति २०७७-०७-१४ मा प्रकाशित सूचना बमोजिम कृषि प्राविधिक ( Agriculture Technician) पदमा गुगल फर्म तथा इ&nd...

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HR Trendz: Past, Present and Future

Webinar on HR Trendz by FroxJob in associations with AITE Bangkok, Thailand.   On Saturday, Date 23, May 2020 FroxJob with its sister organization Frontline Consult Pvt. Ltd. organi...

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