Webinar on HR Trendz by FroxJob in associations with AITE Bangkok, Thailand.


On Saturday, Date 23, May 2020 FroxJob with its sister organization Frontline Consult Pvt. Ltd. organized A Free Webinar on HR Trendz: Past, Present, and Future in association with AIT Extension, Bangkok, Thailand. Where it was discussed on both Local and Global prospects of Human Resource Management. Both local and global Facilitators share their experience and opinions about Human Resource Management.


This is the first Webinar conducted by FroxJob in association with AITE and the first episode of HR Trendz where 210 participants have participated Via Zoom Webinar and hosted by Ms Sapana Baduwal.


In the Webinar, Welcome speech was given by Dr Jonathan Shaw, Executive Director of AITE. He welcomes all participants with his warm words. He talked about the current situations of COVID- 19 and its impact on Human Resource Management, also told everyone to have patients during such a harsh time.



Local Contexts was presented by MR. Pramod Acharya, Director – Human Resource, Yeti Airlines shared his experiences about HR Trend practised by Nepalese HR Industries. And also share his opinion on Human Resource scenario and Trends of Nepal in past and its evolution and how maybe goes in future.


Similarly, Dr Derek Thitsanuthit, Head of ASEAN Region and Chief Strategy Officer, Asian Institute of Technology Extension (AITE), Bangkok, Thailand had shared the Global context of Human Resource Management through his presentation. The session was interactive with the Global scenario of HR management and trends. He explained HR scenario in 3 different aspects and they were - Business Concepts and Framework, Exploring HR Philosophies, HR Trends. In Business Concept, he discussed Current Business Environment, VUCA chart, Industrial Revolutions, Disruption occurred during the revaluation period, Resource management and Organizational design evaluation. etc. and many more interesting topics in it.


Discussions were done along with some mind booster games that enable participants and facilitators to interact with each other. There was Q&A Session about 30 Minutes, handled by Mr.  Bimal Kandel. Where the participants took part actively and asked questions and doubts they had with both facilitators. Facilitators too answer them back.


After Q&A session, Closing Remarks was given by Mr Pardeep Kumar Das, Program Director of Asian Institute of Technology Extension (AITE), where he thanked the participants for making out time for the webinar on weekdays and give hint to the participants that it is just the beginning and many more programs will be organized in upcoming days.


The whole session was very informative and relevant to the HR scenario of HR Trends: Past, present and also how it may go in Future.


Please click on below link for the presentation shared during the webinar by Dr Derek Thitsanuthit.


Also, you can see the recorded webinar in youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hqetpK9a24




HR Trendz: Past, Present and Future

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