What are the pros and cons of Linkedin as a recruitment tool?

You may be skeptical about finding a suitable job in Nepal. However, the process of recruitment in Nepal can be a simple affair if you take care of a few things. Moreover, online opportunities...

By FroxJob | 21-December-2020 | Category: Career Insights- Employee Blog

What are the common ways to find a job in Nepal that works?

Do you belong to Nepal and searching for jobs? Well, it is now easier to fetch good jobs in Nepal if you land on the right platform. You can even search the jobs online and apply for a suitabl...

By FroxJob | 14-December-2020 | Category: Career Insights- Employee Blog

Job Interview Techniques

Interview Techniques Almost all of us fear in an interview. We get nervous about the questions that will be raised in an interview. We always have the doubt that whether we will be able to answe...

By Dharmendra Chaudhary | 8-July-2018 | Category: Career Insights- Employee Blog