You may be skeptical about finding a suitable job in Nepal. However, the process of recruitment in Nepal can be a simple affair if you take care of a few things. Moreover, online opportunities are also there no for easy application. There are multiple jobs available on the internet as per your specified criteria. Thus, based on your qualification and field of interest, you can no land your dream job effortlessly. The concept of physical interviews is also getting a quick replacement. It is more evident in the pandemic situation. So, to get jobs in Nepal, registration with a trusted job website is the primary step. Linkedin is one such platform to make you aware of all the companies hiring people at any given point of time. Just create your account and specify your skills and experience. A lot of options will instantly appear in front of you.

Advantages Of Online Job Posting In Nepal

Linkedin is very popular all over the world today for the job seeker as well as the professionals. Every day, thousands of recruiters post jobs and receive an end number of applications for different posts. Moreover, this website changes the lives of so many people around the globe. The main reasons to choose Linkedin are incredible job listings, digital marketing opportunities, and networking. The online job posting in Nepal is very much prominent through Linkedin. Being an excellent digital platform for exceptional technology, the hunt for the appropriate professionals becomes easier.

Furthermore, it is now the world's largest recruitment network that helps the HRs in several manners. The perfect candidate will get hired for the right job role. Therefore, only one account can change your lifestyle drastically. However, many may require a detailed analysis of Linkedin, about whether it is a fruitful tool for hiring potential candidates.

The Pros And Cons Of Linkedin

We will here discuss the advantages and limitations of using Linkedin as a recruitment tool. The pros are-

  1. Reach more number of passive candidates. These people remain active on social platforms but are not searching for any particular job. Most of the recruiters want to target them for a potential candidate with the required qualifications.
  2. Linkedin is always up-to-date as the candidates keep on refreshing their skills and experiences on the platform.
  3. Quick hiring of a talented and capable person for the role of the executives
  4. For reference checks, the recruiters can easily search for the common connections on this fantastic tool.

Besides being so beneficial, there are some limitations of this online tool that you should not ignore.

  1. Most of the passive candidates may not show any interest in the posted job. Thus, the search will not turn fruitful.
  2. The credibility of the candidates does not have any conclusive proof just from the profiles they update.
  3. The tool can be very expensive for smaller companies and firms. However, they can opt for Linkedin's free services and hire candidates according to the availability of jobs.

Thus jobs in Nepal can be effortless to get no by searching for them on a master tool like Linkedin. However, you have to build your profile in a very professional manner to attract more number of recruiters. Moreover, regular updation of the same is highly appreciated.

What are the pros and cons of Linkedin as a recruitment tool?

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Posted On: 21-December-2020