Employee Retention by Mr. Arun Dhungana

Employee Retention The problem of employee turnover exists everywhere in the world. According to LinkedIn, Companies lose 18% of their workforce to turnover each year, on average 12% of this is ...

By FroxJob | 5-September-2022 | Category: Employer Blog

What are the common ways to find a job in Nepal that works?

Do you belong to Nepal and searching for jobs? Well, it is now easier to fetch good jobs in Nepal if you land on the right platform. You can even search the jobs online and apply for a suitabl...

By FroxJob | 14-December-2020 | Category: Career Insights- Employee Blog

4 ways that makes job search effective for fresher!

Finding a job for fresher is not so easy. Many Job portals in Nepal are listing the vacancies on behalf of their clients. Similarly, campus recruitment is another popular way to get hired...

By Deepika | 21-June-2019 | Category: Career Insights- Employee Blog