Finding a job for fresher is not so easy. Many Job portals in Nepal are listing the vacancies on behalf of their clients. Similarly, campus recruitment is another popular way to get hired for corporate jobs. The following tips can be helpful for job seekers who are in the process of finding jobs in Nepal.

4 ways that make job search effective for fresher

From the last day of the examination, students start searching for their dream job. They visit job sites and find out really few jobs for fresher. That too does not match up to their expectations. They apply for jobs and wait for calls. But sadly do not get calls. And if only they are called for interview, the interview ends with HR saying “It was nice meeting you. But we are looking for someone with experience.” If you are fresher looking for a job. We have some tips to make your job search more effective:

  • Be active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It’s like a Facebook for your career. Make

An impressive LinkedIn profile. Include your education, interest and other information.

You can also add resume in your profile. Then connect professionals of the company you wish

to work in. Also, follow the companies and HR companies to get updated with the

vacancies. Start conversations with the professionals with general career-related questions

and seek counselling with them. However, do not show yourself desperate for a job. This

helps to build a relationship with professionals.


  • Make an impressive resume

A resume without work experience hardly catches the attention of an employer. So, the tips might make your resume stand out in the crowd:

  • Mention specific career objective make sure to include your area of interest
  • Begin with your highest qualification make sure you mention the year you joined and passed out for every level, educational institution you attended and mention your marks only if it’s impressive enough
  • Include necessary technical and personal skills
  • Highlight your achievements and accomplishments
  • Includes hobbies which reflect your personality
  • Make sure your resume’s design is interesting


  • Share CVs at many places

We all search for exact match able vacancies for ourselves. But we suggest you to share your CVs to many companies, job portals and professionals even if you don’t meet the requirements. Sometimes we may get a call and in the interview, you might impress them with your personality. This might land you with a job offer even if there was no exact opening. This sounds like a miracle but some positions are created according to the people employers meet rather than exactly what employers were searching for.


  •  Make sure you have a relevant internship, training or volunteering experience

Internship, training or volunteering experience is a must for fresher. It provides exposure to work culture, helps build a relationship with professionals and helps to understand the nature of work. The students of our country do not show a willingness to do an internship and volunteering for free. It’s better if you are paid but don’t be afraid of doing it for free. And training is important for technical knowhow. An individual wanting to start a career in accounts. Should learn Tally, Swastik or such other accounting software to get a job. You should never hesitate to invest in starting a career.


Its been a challenging scenario in worldwide that searching being a fresher’s is a complete roller coaster ride or a learning phase!! But by following mentioned steps and tips definitely helps to grow your interpersonal and professional level with the great kick.


If you are fresher and thinking about to hyping up your career with one fresh start!! Congratulations!! You are on the right track!!