Interview Techniques

Almost all of us fear in an interview. We get nervous about the questions that will be raised in an interview. We always have the doubt that whether we will be able to answer the questions or not whether we will be able to grab the job or not.

As others I too fear the same but by setting some plans has helped me a lot in an interview. I have set some techniques which has been the medicine for me while walking in an interview. Here’s my medicine tips for an interview.

Research the Company and your Job Role

Collecting the prior Information about the company, its status and your job roles serves you well in an interview. Read your JDs carefully and enter the interview hall with a strong sense of what to expect and how to approach the raised questions.  Interviewer will be glad and will have the positive feedbacks seeing your efforts on it.

Focus on your Personality

Your Personality matters more in an interview. Get your best dress, be in formal with good attitude. Dress for confidence. If you feel comfortable, interviewer responds you the same way.

Be Prepared and Punctual / 2 P’s

There’s a saying first impression is the last impression. Be prepared with the answers of probable questions. Get prepared with your resumes, your documents and the questions from your part to raise at the end of the interview. It helps more to know about the company and its policy. Never be late for an interview, enter the hall before 10 to 15 minute. It shows your professionalism as well.

Show your enthusiasm and watch your words

Eye Contact, cheerful and smiling face with confidence are the tools which gives u best support in an interview. Listen the interviewer questions, answer them with full interest. Minor questions in an interview may have valuable judgments, so watch your words before you express.

Follow Up

Last but not the least, follow your interviewer for the feedbacks either through phone calls or mails. It gives the interviewer the gentle reminder on you and also shows your passion towards the job.

This techniques has really been very valuable for me in an interview. The company believe these techniques will really help the candidates in giving the positive feedbacks. These are the keys which help the candidates to sell themself in the market.