What should a resume look like?

To shine in the job market, resumes play a critical role. Resumes are the source of making a solid first impression on employers. But creating a resume is no piece of cake. But with so many free resume builders doing the rounds, the task got a tad bit easier. Froxjob provides an excellent platform to build your resume that matches the job market in Nepal. 

Application of the right strategies along with aligning them in the correct order will help you to make impressive resumes. Froxjob offers a variety of free resume samples that can get you going. However, if are willing to do it yourself, here are certain tips and suggestions to help you build the perfect resume. 

Minimalist design 

Keep the layout of the template simple. Don’t go for intricately designed templates. Having a proper margin (minimum 0.7 to 1 inch) along with sufficient blank spaces in between sections will get you a clean look. Additionally, don’t go overboard with fonts. Use a maximum of two types, one for the body and one for the heading. Keep it concise, the resume must be a maximum of two pages. 

Consistent layout

The line spacing should be consistent. Ideally, the line spacing should range between 1-1.5. Make the section headings prominent by typing them in all CAPS. 

Top page

Recruitment in Nepal is already on the verge of being stagnant. Make it easy for the recruiter to reach out to you by providing clear contact information. Ideally, the top page should contain your name and contact information. Write your name in all CAPS along with other details like your phone number(s), email id, and other address. 

Summary statement

Begin your resume with a summary statement. Keep it simple and avoid long and complex sentences to increase readability. This summary statement should be enough to describe your personality and also what you expect from your aspired job. 

Key characters

Recruiters don’t like to hunt for details. So, the key skills should always be written in bullets. This will ensure recruiters get a clear idea about your skills. You can also make a table comprising of all your hard and soft skill sets. Don’t forget to highlight the keywords that show why you are the best fit for the job. 

Academic details

Most of the jobs in Nepal are academically driven. A consistent academic record will manage to get hold of the employer’s attention. Although optional, provide the GPA if you recently passed securing good grades. 

Other achievements

Keeping an undertone make your resume shine by highlighting academic or professional achievements. This is a perfect way to interact and also make an impact on the recruiters. 

Work experiences

Let the recruiters know about your career history. All the free resume building sites have dedicated slots to pen down your career history. This section includes all the past companies you worked at, the positions you worked, and also the duration. Thus, along with the academic details, your past work experiences also guide the recruitment process in Nepal.

Other positions

Don’t hesitate to put down other work experiences that don’t match the company you are currently applying to. This should especially be followed with individuals having limited experience. Such details go out to show the recruiters that you were engaged in some way or the other.

Additional experience

A strong force that helps to secure a job in Nepal is your involvement in extracurricular activities. This is the part where you can make your resume catchy. Include all other achievements such as volunteering works, involvement with a club, interesting hobbies or sports, and other stuff. This will make your resume interesting and intriguing. 


The secret behind a resume to stand out is the content and not the graphics. Keep it short, precise, and simple. Along with all the above mentioned key points, a resume should also contain your recent colored photograph. Keep all these key points, and make full use of a free resume builder to avail of top jobs in Nepal.

What should a resume look like?

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Posted On: 15-February-2021