• The sole objective of this training is developing salesmanship within your sales representatives enabling them to facilitate sales which will help them to mould themselves as per the company’s goals and objectives.

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales Executive
  •  Business Development Executive
  •  Counselors
  •  Retail Sales Executive
  •  Merchandisers
  •  Sales Representatives

How we deliver?

FDC believes on training for transformation and its methodologies changes with the
change in corporate culture.

  • Participatory-led oral presentation
  •  Activity based
  •  Game Play for self-realization
  •  Case-analyses
  •  Demonstrations and practice exercises
  •  Problem-based learning/Sharing
  •  Direct instruction – concept acquisition
  •  Application & Contextualization (theory into practice)


  •  Sales Introduction
  • Business Communication
    • Communication in Ladder
    •  Use of power word
    • Time Management Skills
      •  Planning and Prioritizing
      • Implement structure flow
      • Assemble your team
  •  Business Analysis/ Competitor Analysis
  •  Merchandisers roles and responsibilities
  •  Negotiation skills
  •  Consumer Behavior

Training Details:
Training Cost: NRs. 7000 plus levied tax
Training time: 8 hours