Webinar on "Leadership for Managing Transition" by FroxJob in associations with AITE Bangkok, Thailand and ACAN, Nepal.

On Thursday, Date 30, July 2020 FroxJob Nepal with its sister organization Frontline Consult Pvt. Ltd. organized A Free Webinar on Leadership for Managing Transition in association with Asian Institute of Technology (AITE) Extension, Bangkok, Thailand and The Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ACAN). Where it was discussed on both Local and Global prospects of Leadership Management. Both local and global Facilitators share their experience and opinions about the elements that make a person good Leader.

This is the third Webinar conducted by FroxJob in association with AITE and the third episode of HR Trendz where many participants have participation Via Zoom Webinar. The webinar was hosted by Mr Pardeep Kumar Das, Program Director of Asian Institute of Technology Extension (AITE).

In the Webinar, Welcome speech was given by Dr Jonathan Shaw, Executive Director of AITE. He welcomes all participants with his warm words. He talked about the current situations of COVID- 19 and its impact on Corporates and other organization, also told everyone to have patients during such a harsh time.

Local Contexts was presented by CA Hari Kumar Silwal, IPP at ACAN. He presents his short views on the local context and perception of leadership management. He makes interaction with the local scenario of being leaders in Nepal corporates and also mentions that in upcoming years Nepal will be able to jump from developing country to developed contrary in his expectation.

Similarly global facilitator Mr Reynaldo A. Calabdan, an independent consultant specializing in training and organizational development. He was representing the Asian Institute of Technology Extension (AITE) in the webinar. He gave his presentation on the global perspective of Leadership management. He also talked about the situation before and after COVID and also asked for the participant’s opinion, what will be the new normal look like in upcoming days?

Mr Ray delivered a very interactive presentation which was discussion-oriented using Zoom chat, Poll, and also the website called Menti.com that keeps participants awake through all the session. This process of interaction motivates participants to take part actively in the webinar.

Later on, after the facilitators finished presentations, there was a Q&A Session about 30 Minutes, where both facilitators solved the queries forwarded by the participants and helps them to clear doubts.

After Q&A session, Closing Remarks was given by Mr Pardeep Kumar Das, Program Director of Asian Institute of Technology Extension (AITE), where he thanked the participants for making out time for the webinar on such a busy day and give hint to the participants that it is just the beginning and many more programs will be organized in upcoming days.

The whole session was very informative and relevant to the context of Leadership skill and Management in the corporate world.

Please click below to watch the recording of the webinar.


Webinar on "Leadership for Managing Transition"

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