Tips for Virtual Interview

Virtual interviewing has become a necessary practice after the pandemic. It has now been a popular way to interview as the situation has not gone well so far. Virtual interviewing is convenient for employers as it allows for a more efficient interview process, facilitates scheduling conflicts, and saves money. Therefore, here are some important tips during your virtual interview.

1. Test out the interview platform in advance

A virtual interview requires tools like a camera and microphone for which use your computer or laptop if possible. Be pre-informed about a required software program (such as Google Meet or Zoom) where you are going to give your interview. At least a day before your interview, check all of your technology to ensure it works effectively and can be used to communicate effectively. That means having a functional computer that meets technical specifications, downloading any necessary software. Find a good internet connection.

2. Have a backup plan

In case your computer/laptop goes off, keep your phone nearby if an interview on computer/laptop needs to turn into a phone call and make sure your phone has a full charge. Keep your phone in silent mode so that it won't get disturbed by any notification. Make sure you inform the interviewer in advance by email or a call in case of connectivity issues. Hopefully, this won’t be needed, but it also shows the interviewer you are prepared.

3. Prepare your space

Virtually, there will be fewer opportunities to infuse the conversation with your uniqueness and emotions. You will need to use your space, your environment, to create a strong and lasting impression. Have an uncluttered background, Check your lighting, Check your internet stability.

4. Choose a professional attire

No matter, whether you are giving your interview physically or virtually. You must always choose professional attire.  Doing so not only makes you appear professional about the opportunity, but it will also make you feel more prepared and confident. When an interview takes place from a remote location like your home, you should expect it to be just as formal as one that takes place in an office.

5. Be Genuine

When interviewing virtually, you have the rare opportunity to speak in a relaxing, familiar environment and show the interviewer why you’re the best fit for the job. The interviewer will look for how you express yourself to understand whether you are a good fit for the company. Use your body language, facial expressions and interview preparations to convey your confidence and personality as it relates to the position.

Tips for Virtual Interview
Rima Poudel

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Posted On: 24-January-2022