Recruitment Partner: FroxJob

Recruitment Partner: FroxJob

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Recruitment Partner: FroxJob

Today Business world face unprecedented challenges. Management of the entire business prosper with the environment which is utterly dynamic. Gone are those days when HR is taken easily in this competitive world. With tight deadlines, High Work Volume, Analysis of Plan and Action, Figuring the Gap, Recruitment Planning, Strategy Development, Candidate Search, Screening, Evaluation, Monitoring, Hiring, Onboarding, Manage Payroll, and on top, having to deal with Challenging Employees: There’s a lot that HR professionals have to handle, day in and day out. Businesses may make a kick start, but undeniably the struggle with people management as the business grows remains intact.

Recruitment being an ongoing process which takes time and effort where employees’ time is already stretched thin, recruiting in-house has its own struggle. That is where WE come in. FroxJob be that one-stop-solution for all the Recruitment works with over 5000+ hires till date. We introduce candidates from our applicant pool who are exactly the right fit for the Companies in need as we filter as per the requirements of our clients while they take care of the core business functions and we be the one guaranteeing a long-term hire.

Partnering with FroxJob is a way to reduce recruitment cost and efforts and securing the best talents with dedicated, centralized recruitment function and expertise that we have gained with over years of experience in the very HR world. We ensure the immediate flexibility and scalability of the best recruitment talent to meet the shifting demands.

Technology, employer branding, planning, assessment, screening, interviewing and help onboarding- that’s right. All-in-all!

Our Recruitment Work Flows very steadily:

  • Agreement between client and FroxJob
  • Understand the need of clients through job descriptions and job specifications
  • Map the prospect
  • Collect, screen, Interview and shortlist the profiles
  • Recommend profiles for the final interview
  • Feedback and follow-up
  • Invoicing
  • Post-recruitment service

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