Reasons why it is tough to find a job for Fresher's?

Reasons why it is tough to find a job for Fresher's?

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Reasons why it is tough to find a Job for Freshers?

Highly Competitive Positions

One vacant post receives a hundred CVs which makes it more competitive. Having a large number of applications can limit how much time an employer can devote to reading over application materials. To draw the attention of the employer, you need to have a strong resume in which you can include the internships which you have done either paid or unpaid and also training can be mentioned which is relevant to the vacant position.

Inadequate Resume

As it is said that the first impression is the last, likewise resume is the first thing that plays the role to get any job. So, create it thoughtfully and diligently. Your resume must show your suitability for the job and be able to impress the interviewer. Build your resume with the updated format at

Lack of Research

You must take time to learn about the company as your employer would want you to. Not knowing about the details of the company can show that you are disinterested in the relevant position. So take your time to research before going to an interview. It's ok not to know all the company’s work, but having a good understanding of available information is always an advantage.

Not creating the first impression 

After resume, the second most important thing is your appearance and most candidates fail on making a good first impression on the recruiter. So always dress appropriately to create the first impression physically.  

Lack of Communications Skills

Nowadays, most companies are seeking candidates who know basic writing as well as verbal communication. Most of the candidates do not focus much on their communication and find it difficult to comprehend during an interview process. Hence, you must be prepared verbally before going to an interview.