The objectives of the training is to familarize the participants with various concepts of "Stores and Inventory Management'' including Physical inventory checks, priorities and role in business consolidation and to transform the participants into those individuals who are not      only more capable, but less likely to cause accidents or make costly mistakes.

Who should attend?

The content is designed for the followings:

  • materials, logistics and production directors/managers
  • production controllers
  • material and inventory planners
  • schedulers
  • stores and finance personnel

How we deliver?

FDC believes on training for transformation and its methodologies changes with the
change in corporate culture.

  • Participatory-led oral presentation and group work
  • Trainer led instructions
  • Case-analyses/Case Study
  • Demonstrations and practice exercises
  • Solution-based learning/Sharing
  • Direct instruction – concept acquisition
  • Application & Contextualization (theory into practice)
  • Role play/Practical exercise


  • Store and Inventory Management
  • What does Inventory mean?
  • Inventory Purpose
  • Inventory Classification
  • Inventory Transformation
  • Inventory Flow Chart
  • Inventory Control and its Method
  • Inventory Level Fixation
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Inventory Accuracy

Training Details:

Training Cost: NRs. 6000 plus levied tax per head
Training time: 8 hours

Contact Number : 01-5707271, 9801898005, 9801048455