Don’t get confuse about your hobby and your passion!! On top of, Instead of confusing passion, hobby
and career, we suggest people focus on finding a purpose. Lots of the young generation nowadays
seems confused on transition plan and focused on finding a purpose where their passion and skills could
be put to use to help fill a need in this world. For instance; just because someone likes fashion as a
hobby, it does not necessarily mean he/she will make a successful career as a fashion designer, Or Just
Completed your undergraduate study and in dilemma of what to do next with your career
buildup???Joining Masters or taking some leap on your education for 2 to 3 years or just apply any
company because it’s has reputed name and fame and whatever vacancy and remuneration that
company is offering that is somehow soothing your financial desire and your confusing career path. But
jumping into any random organization without knowing anything and having any background,
compelling yourself to make compromise with your career because you are so confuse about your
future goals, how much it sounds relevant and justifiable to you??? Again we suggest—finding ways to
leverage their passion and skills to fill a need in the world. Always find your purpose.

Here are few tips which can be an aid for right career planning;
1. Start to take initiative. Find your calling!!
The first and foremost important lesson of your life would be try to take the initiative. Just don’t try to
make your vision and though only limited to yourself. Ask and be confident about what you are capable
of. What skills come to you naturally? How could you possibly use those to make a living? But yet again
don’t mix it with your with your hobby. Because the career is what, which need to be immersed by your

We all know that finding your passion doesn't happen in a day. It takes time, serious thought and effort,
and some trial and error. But you have to begin somewhere! But the best way to start only requires 30
minutes—probably, the length of your lunch break--and all you have to do is answer a few questions
about yourself. Yes!! Questioning to yourself??? And of course start to take initiative.

2. Take career counselling and prospective trainings for career buildup
Meeting with a career counsellor will typically take place in one-to-one sessions where you will be
asked a variety of questions about your life plans, career intentions and goals. Career counselling
doesn’t have to come up with professional counselors always, few people surrounded around you
whom you can trust it with your heart and have got qualitative experience in the relevant field, can give
you nothing but the positive motivation and vibes can also be your true guide and influencer. Push
yourself to train for yourself. Try to take career development training to sharpen up your career
prospect and be more confident about your future responsibilities by taking prior skill development

3. Get to a networking group
In an ever-changing business climate it is important to keep up with the target market conditions as well
as overall trends of your joining industry. Knowing the industry is the key to developing a successful
career plan. If you can’t personally connect with professional seminars and networking group then try to
take help form reliable people from same business.
Attending seminars and networking with your peers and business associates helps you to be updated
and current. Chances would be you might successfully drag an attention of one’s executive and would
get a chance to work near future too. So proactively involve in networking groups and events.

4. Take keen interest on your desired industry and do needful research/Do needful research
before joining

Regards Company: Question should be – do you need oxygen to live? YES! Correct! You should research
a company before applying for a job there.

Lots of Career experts always say to research a company before you head in for a job interview or
joining. It is as important as finding your goal in life. Just like the entire point is all about finding the right
match for your career path without being doomed and compromising your passion. The fact is- every job
seeker is just looking for a JOB- but if you want a great job you love and have opportunities to grow
within the company, you need to be able to understand how you can make a difference. And you can
plan for your long term goal in terms of hyping your professional enhancement in your desired
organization with following your purpose.

Regards Responsibilities: It is very important to understand what kind of employee the company is
looking for, and you need to understand their missions and company culture. When you can know all of
that – you will know for sure if you would fit in. Always make a checklist of your responsibilities and your
upcoming tasks which might be coming in near future. It really helps as the support system to be more
cleared about your responsibilities and hassle free work atmosphere.

5. Make yourself mentally and physically prepared
Out of all the trainings and various research if you aren’t mentally and physically prepared to turn your
effort to result, then all your hard-work and real intention wouldn’t pay off. What if you have make all
the checklist of your future goals and planning!! But so not ready to make those dreams surreal! The
first and crucial factor for any individual to kick start their big deeds is with being mentally prepared.
Even if you are so unaware about what will come next in your dream job or in-terms of task or
responsibilities? Does it will turn out the way you want or not?? Though you can think positively
because you are beginning to pave the pathway to success; if you put in the hard work now, then you’ll
get to your preferred destination sooner.

So before you write the resume and refresh your LinkedIn profile, you must first work on getting in the
right mindset to succeed. It is much harder to put the dream into action. There will never be a perfect
time. Well, there is one great time to start and it is now. It is very simple; all you need to do is get
serious and hyper-focused about making a change and actually decide to start.

And remember our body always act as our mind says so if you aren’t mentally prepared then you won’t
be prepared physically too.

6. Follow your intuition, believe yourself and go for it!!

Think of a reason, purpose or deeper meaning why you are searching for a new job.
When you are working on behalf of something larger than yourself, the likelihood of success intensifies.
So after all the mindset up finally encouraging yourself on dropping your resume or to getting in touch
with the recruiters can be an initial step that own can take for themselves.
After devoting weeks – maybe even months – to searching for jobs, filling out applications, sending out
resumes, doing all the quality checklist of do’s or don’ts planning and probably going on interviews,
you've finally got a job offer or you are called up for an interview from your dream job. Saying "yes"
should be a no-brainer, right? Your small initiative whether deciding to join the company which you
always dream about or the job role which you wish to take a charge, it takes nothing but the small push
by believing The, self you and following your intuition.

“Intuition doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; it tells you what you need to hear.” — Sonia

So always believe in what you are capable of, follow your inner voice and go for it cause if you wouldn’t
who will/ if you wouldn’t believe on yourself who will.

Based upon various research and experience shared by an executive recruiter, by following these tips,
any individual can become confident, empowered emotionally and mentally prepared to start and
ultimately succeed in their career search.