Webinar on ‘Health and Happiness’ by FroxJob Career Insights

About the Webinar
On Friday, Date 25th June 2021 FroxJob organized a Free Webinar on ‘Health and Happiness.’ The Virtual Event aims to provide free consultation and insights on how can we calm our minds and do things peacefully. This session helps participants to overcome the mental disturbance due to pandemics. Also, regular work-life chaos can be able to gracefully take on challenging situations easily and effectively.

In this event, we have Mr. Sanjay Maharjan (Perbeteshor), who clarifies how we can clear our mind for better creativity, problem-solving, and improve emotional intelligence during this pandemic time. In the session, participants did light yoga and meditation, which helped them release their stress. After the meditation session, participants gave good feedback on how it helped them to feel relieved and calm their stress.

This was Free Webinar conducted by FroxJob where many participants have participated Via Zoom Webinar and Facebook live.


Chandani Dahal, Sushil Poudel


Mr. Sanjay Maharjan (Perbeteshor)

Please click below to watch the recording of the webinar ;


FroxJob Career Insights 'Health and Happiness'
Rima Poudel

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Posted On: 27-June-2021