Webinar on "Career in Banking" by FroxJob Career Insights

On Friday, Date 28, May 2021 FroxJob Nepal organized a Free Webinar on “Career in Banking.”  The event was mostly focus on the Banking Career since banking job is attracting most candidates and offers a huge number of job opportunities. In addition to these banking, firms are highly regulated and supervised financial operations, making their employees safe, pleasant and rewarding places to work. This was the Free Webinar conducted by FroxJob where many participants have participation Via Zoom Webinar. The webinar was hosted by Ms. Usha Acharya and facilitator was Mr. Shankar Pokhrel, Assistant Manager – HRD, Mega Bank Nepal Limited.

In the Webinar, Welcome speech was given by Ms. Usha Acharya, Recruitment Executive of FroxJob. She welcomes all participants with her warm words and threw light on the event topic.

Similarly, Mr. Shankar Pokhrel was representing about the banking sector in the webinar. He gave his presentation on topics like:

  • How we can enter in banking sector?
  • What are the challenges in banking sector?
  • How to develop personality?

He also talked about the situation before and after COVID and how it can effect on upcoming days?

Later on, after the facilitator finished presentations, there was a Q&A Session about 30 Minutes, where facilitator solved the queries forwarded by the participants and helps them to clear doubts.

After Q&A session, closing remarks was given by Mr. Sushil Poudel, Business Coordinator, FroxJob where he thanked the participants for making out time for the webinar on such a busy day and give hint to the participants that it is just the beginning and many more programs will be organized in upcoming days.

The whole session was very informative and relevant to the context of career opportunities in banking sectors.

Please click below to watch the recording of the webinar