The programs which are internationally recognized in corporate sectors is now launching in Nepal by “Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in partnership with FroxJob.”

FroxJob is a one stop shop for all types of Human Resource and Business Management Services including Talent Acquisition, People and Payroll Management, Training and Business Consulting. The mission of FroxJob is to create added value and competitive advantage for its clients by delivering exceptionally tailored and customized services.

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is an international institution with 25 years of experience in Executive and Professional Education. Today, AIT’s internationally recognized engineering, environment, and management graduates are highly sought after by employers in their home country and elsewhere. Across many walks of life in Asia, AIT alumni have distinguished themselves as CEO’s of private and state enterprises, as business owners, as well-respected researchers and faculty, and as senior university and government officials.

Likewise, AIT Extension has wishes to expand the services through FroxJob as partner for Nepal. The AIT Extension appoints highly professional and quality team having expertise in Consulting & Advisory, Partnerships & Joint Ventures, Turnkey Projects. Both firms have been running different webinar programs during pandemic period. But now they are officially running programs which will be held both within Nepal as well as in Bangkok. This program is suitable for the knowledge explorers who have been thinking to grow in the business sector.

The catalogue courses of AIT Extension are:

The Executive Director of AIT Extension (Dr. Christopher J. Garnier) have shared that “AIT’s team is very proud of collaborating with FroxJob for marketing of AIT Extensions wide range of executive professional development training programs and services throughout Nepal. The collaboration between both firms is going to bring international exposure for corporate sectors throughout all Nepal.”

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