Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd was established as a small company in 1995 AD. Originally based in Dharan, a small beautiful town in the eastern region of Nepal, with lots of determination and passion for servicing our customer’s needs we have been fortunate to expand to other branches in Nepal and overseas. We are proud to announce Baraha Jewellery is the first Jewellery showroom in Nepal to get Nepal Standard Certification for our products. While still producing and promoting the best in traditional Nepali ornaments, we now manufacture new designs and custom made gold, silver and diamond jewelry to suit each customer’s needs. At Baraha Industries, We have more than 2000 trained and expert jewelry making professionals (kaligars) working under Baraha Jewellery Industries. We highly focus on providing employment opportunities to less fortunate ethnic minority groups, and single women raising children on their own so that they can support their family. Our Head Office is located in New Road, Kathmandu with current branches in Kathmandu and Dharan having our contact offices in Pokhara, Chitwan, Hongkong, Dubai, China and UK. We intend to expand our business further by opening 20 more branches, in Nepal and abroad over the next five years.

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  • Ownership: Private Limited

  • Address: New Road-22, Kathmandu, Nepal

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