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Virtual Interview

When 5 Sep 2022, Mon Starting: 03:00 pm
Where All Over Nepal

About Event

The pandemic situation has changed the way we view and participate in remote work. Even the hiring and selection process has taken its shape in this short period of time. There has been significant evolvement of new work models for the hiring process too. 
The virtual interviews are here to adhere to safety guidelines. This is a win-win, allowing to have a better chance of finding a talented candidate as talents can be pinned beyond the geographical location of the office and additionally, virtual interviews give a candidate flexibility when it comes to finding time on their schedule and saves the candidate from commuting into a physical office. It all adds value to the modern hiring process.


  • To enhance safety and wellbeing in the pandemic situation
  • To encourage time management
  • To encourage more participation with no geographical restrictions

Take Away

  • Identify individual's needs and strengths and insights
  • Get more of the information in less time and effort
  • Better guidance to handle interview
  • Time-saving on Scheduling Logistics
  • Eliminates In-Person Interview Stress
  • Able to analyze own weaknesses and future prospects

For Corporate Queries

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