Frontline Development Center(FDC)

At FDC, anything is possible

How you grow your team says a lot about you and your organization.Sometimes, Human resources management is not just about implementing the right policies or hiring the right people within company, but developing a good employee training program and continuous learning is even very important. These grooming programs don’t always have to be unique or ground breaking, though. What matters is whether they provide you and your company with a new insights or not, whether your organizational needs are achieved or not, how to measure training need within your company or organization, how employee training and development are conducted in other companies and organizations, and how to go about achieving your employee development goals. Find out how we can help you realize the results you need at Frontline Development Center (FDC).

FDChelps you to look at different perspectives and opinions with regards to employee engagement. Such exposure will not only help you better understand your own company’s and employee’s needs; they can also help you understand which strategies are most appropriate for your company’s needs and objectives. So if you are looking for good training and consulting partner then FDC is precise company for you.

Frontline Development Center (FDC), a development wing of FROXJOB, a premium human resource management firm that has been providing outstanding managerial services to leading corporate houses in Nepal since 2009. Administered and jointly run by a team of experts having expertise in HRM, Administration, Technical Support, General Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Training and Development. We have gained considerable support and confidence from our clients within a short span of time.

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